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Laura Hubley R.Kin | Registered Kinesiologist


Laura believes in the importance of balance, posture, strength and nourishment of the body from the inside-out, to create a lifestyle that is easy to achieve, maintain and control.


Laura holds a Specialized Honors degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences; is a registered with The College of Kinesiologists of Ontario and is a Professional Member of the Ontario Kinesiology Association. In addition, she holds certifications in Soft Tissue Release, Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga, Pre and Post Natal Exercise and Nutrition.


After completing her degree in 2004 she jumped right into the exercise therapy field.  Laura’s experience and focus of the science of human movement has provided her with the tools to understand each of her clients on a personal level; to recognize their functional movements and offer an individualized exercise prescription to meet their individual goals and create a healthy lifestyle.


It’s time to get moving!

Petar Grkinic B.Sc | Exercise Therapist


Petar is very busy in his second year of Physiotherapy school at U of T. 

Michael Pellegrino B.Sc Kin| Exercise Therapist


Michael completed a four year Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo. This has given him a strong background in biomechanics and human physiology that he continues to build on as an active member in the field of rehabilitation. During his studies, Michael completed a fourth year research seminar in innovative stroke rehabilitation therapies.


Michael has experience working with a large variety of patients including seniors in long term care and retirement facilities, as well as varsity athletes in sports medicine rehab clinics. Through these experiences, Michael has treated patients dealing with chronic pain, stroke rehab, motor vehicle accidents, post-surgical rehab and various musculoskeletal injuries.


Growing up exercise was a large part of Michael’s life being involved in competitive hockey, football and soccer. Although he continues to play sport recreationally, his focus is now on strength training. You can find him working up a sweat on the gym floor during his free time.

Michel has started his first year of Physiotherapy school at U of T.