Prevent Injury - Promote Recovery

Inspire Lifelong Health & Wellness

Welcome to my vision of 21st Century Rehab...

For over two decades I have been helping people work on finding a way to achieve better health. It has been a long journey from personal trainer, to Kinesiologist, to Physiotherapist and finally to entrepreneur.  However, I now finally have a space in Etobicoke where I can truly provide you with an environment where YOUR health is our priority. 

It has always been my belief that exercise and healthy eating should always be the cornerstone of good health. While this is still true, I have learned along my journey that people are as diverse as all the conditions we treat. This is why I have always enjoyed working with incredibly talented therapists from other disciplines that could look at the same problem from a different perspective. I am happy that we have therapists on our team that can help with a long list of wellness issues such as pain, lack of exercise, weight loss, poor mobility, stress, anxiety, mental health and many others.

Our mission is to prevent injury, promote recovery and inspire lifelong health and wellness in our community.

Whether it is motivation, education, or relaxation you are looking for, I hope you leave our team of practitioners feeling better every time. 

Yours in health, 

Felix Umana PT

Registered Physiotherapist



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