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Looking for Physiotherapy in Etobicoke?


Welcome to our State-of-the-Art Physiotherapy facility located right here in Etobicoke, where we redefine the way you approach your health and wellness journey.

What sets us apart from other clinics is our commitment to Proactive Care. We address the root causes of symptoms & equip you with the tools & knowledge to prevent future issues.

Our team of dedicated physiotherapists in Etobicoke believes in empowering individuals to take control of their health & fitness journey.


Osteo vs. Massage

Osteo - fully clothed, more holistic approach, treats soft tissue as well as muscle activations, joint mobilizations, AROM, active & passive tx Massage - uses lotion and has more skin contact, more focus on soft tissue, passive treatment

Osteo vs. Chiropractor

Osteopathy embraces gentle joint mobilizations and soft tissue work throughout the entire body, while Chiropractic care, often centers on spine-focused movements with “high velocity low amplitude” thrusts.

Osteo vs. Physio

Osteopathy uses a more holistic approach, with main focus on manual therapy using variety of techniques & positions, relaxing to nervous system Physiotherapy - focus on specific joint movement, activation, strength, sport conditioning, localized manual techniques


Physiotherapy Rates

Physiotherapy Assessment:  $130.00 

Physiotherapy Reassessment:  $105.00

15 min treatment:  $55.00

30 min treatment:  $80.00 

45 min treatment:  $105.00 

60 min treatment:  $125.00

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