Breathing should be looked at as a MOVEMENT PATTERN.

We take breathing for granted. On average, we breathe 14 times every minute, more than 20,000 times a day which totals to over 500 million times during the course of an average lifetime.1 Given those numbers, we shoul...

What is occlusion training?

First developed in Japan, occlusion training is a form of physical training that involves restriction of blood flow within the body. More precisely, occlusion training prevents venous blood flow OUT of the body part being trained, whilst arte...

Elite alpine ski racing is a physically demanding sport imposing large external loads on the lower limbs while travelling at high speeds in an unpredictable environment. The extreme demands of the sport result in a high risk for lower body injury, particularly to the k...

Definition, symptoms, risk factors, and management of arthritis based on the research and guidelines.

Many of you probably know someone who has gone gluten free...... what is gluten?

4 out of 5 adults will suffer from low back pain in their lifetime. Here are the latest guidelines for the treatment of low back pain. I'm thrilled about these updated guidelines because treatment should start conservatively and progress to more invasive and aggressive...

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