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Umana Health

Myth Busting: Physiotherapy | January 2024
Jamie & Isha & Lili
Umana Health

Do I need physiotherapy? What does my physiotherapist help with? When is it time to book an appointment? We dive into these burning questions with Physiotherapist Isha Sharma (whom we miss here at Umana Health), Physiotherapy Resident Lilia Pasqual, and Physiotherapy Assistant/Fitness Coach Jamie Yakubow. Tune in to learn with the team!

Self-Care | November 2023
Noel & Jamie
Umana Health

In this webinar we explore the topic of "self-care" alongside the self-care expert Noel Miller. Learn how we can incorporate a holistic approach to self-care & well-being while asking "what does self-care really look like in practice?"

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