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virtual physiotherapy


  • What is it?
    Tele-rehabilitation is the provision of physiotherapy services from a distance and involves communication with a patient who is remotely located from the primary physiotherapist providing service. This can be over the phone or through the use of video-conferencing.
  • Why do you offer it?
    Tele-rehabilitation may be used to facilitate physiotherapy care by delivering service to patients that may otherwise not be able to come to our physical facility. We realize that there are many reasons why patients may not be able to attend our physical location. Tele-rehabilitation can allow us to guide/progress our patients through their exercises and stretches. We can maintain accountability and make changes to your exercises as needed.
  • Who can use this service?
    Any resident of Ontario may qualify for this type of care, however, every potential client is screened during an initial discovery call (free) with a registered physiotherapist to determine if they are appropriate for this type of service and to establish expectations.
  • What are the technology requirements?
    An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE). Minimum bandwidth is 600kbps (up/down) and recommended is 1.5 Mbps (up/down). Check your Internet bandwidth using A microphone – built-in to your computer or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth. Built-in headset jack from laptop or desktop. Even if your laptop or desktop has speakers, you must plug in a headset so that the sound from the speakers does not cause an echo in the Zoom meeting. Any headset with a 3.5mm plug will plug in.
  • How do you protect my privacy?
    Your medical file is stored on our electronic medical records system (just as we do at our physical location). We follow all guidelines set out of the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario with respect to the handling of your personal health information. We use Zoom for secure video conferencing. You can find out about their security here:
  • Do I need any home equipment?
    You need enough space to comfortably demonstrate movements we will ask you to perform. Generally a clear space of at least 8’ x 8’ is recommended. A home exercise mat or soft carpet is also recommended to perform movements lying down. Additional equipment may be recommended by the physiotherapist depending on the treatment plan.
  • What are the costs?
    Online virtual sessions follow the same fee schedule as our physical clinic. More information can be found here:
  • Is this covered by insurance?
    You will be provided with an official detailed receipt with the physiotherapists license and registration number. Patients are encouraged to contact their own insurance company to confirm coverage amounts.
  • Can you direct bill insurance companies?
    Yes we can bill directly if allowed by your insurance provider AND you fill out our direct billing consent form. You will need to add a credit card to your account and you are responsible for any co-pays.
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